Merry Christmas!

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 Robert and Lois 2012  Merry Christmas!

      Oh I wish you could have been with me yesterday! At an old country church in

Clyde Park, ten miles north of the ranch. The Shields Valley Methodist Church is over 100 years old. It is a wonderful church.

      Since we moved back to the ranch, I have been welcomed by Pastor Fred and the folks there to attend their Lenten and Advent Bible Studies. It is not that the church I go to does not believe in Lent and Advent, they just don’t have the studies.

      There are usually ten of us gathered around the oil-cloth covered table in the kitchen of the church. We take turns bringing soup and stuff. Yesterday was my turn. I took Montana Taco Soup. (the recipe will soon be up on this website). Even my soup was good!

      Pastor Fred led in the Bible study and in the midst of learning the old, old story again, he had us sing some hymns. No piano, just singing around the table. It was wonderful. My heart was touched, my soul stirred and my eyes wet.

      So I will just say, along with my prayer for you to be blessed by Jesus this week, once again, I wish you could have been there!



Welcome! A New Website!

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Welcome Mat

My Welcome Mat is Your Welcome Mat!

    We were in a campground in Idaho with our three little boys. We had been on a visit to my brother and his family and now we were on our way home. That night in the recreation room we met the man who invented Alka-Seltzer! Really. We should have gotten his autograph.

     That is how I feel . . . a little like an Alka-Seltzer tablet is bubbling within me right now. It reminds me of an old Sunday School song we used to sing:

             “It’s bubbling, it’s bubbling, it’s bubbling in my soul.

             There’s singing, and laughing, since Jesus made me whole.

             Folks don’t understand it, nor can I keep it quiet.

             It’s bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, Bubbling, day and night!” 

   My bubbling feeling comes from the birth of this new website – with anticipation of all the ways we can communicate with encouragement, hope and help through our faith in Jesus Christ.

     This is just the beginning. I envision open conversation about our faith walk and testimonies about changed lives. We can have fun times sharing our humorous experiences (like your own gravy stories!) and life at our place too.

    Then there are plans for education as well. There will be helpful conversations for those going through cancer and those caring for them on our “Cancer Caring” page. There will be my own favorite recipes (easy ones!) on our “Montana Recipes” page. We have to have a “Favorite Quotes” page.    And because so many keep asking, there will also be a page from our popular workshop on speaking and writing “If You Pass Go, Collect $200”. We will have information and tips to help you if you have a desire to speak or write.  These will all be taking shape this month.    

   So welcome! Look around. Contact us with your ideas. Come back often. We plan a very active site. You can have a big part – just take “TIME OUT WITH LOIS” often! We look forward to our times together.

                  Our Psalm for this day is Psalm 100, one of my very favorites!!


How I Came To Believe

I am at an age in my life where it is hard for me to remember anything. I walk into the kitchen to get something and when I get there, I can’t remember why I came there. ‘Course I don’t want to spend much time in my kitchen anyway because I don’t like to cook.


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