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                         Oh the idiosyncrasies of life, you have to just love it! Last week had me cringing with chagrin over my failure in our fall walking challenge. Now this week the scales reveal a six pound loss.

   Yup, because I got the flu, the real one. If life in 2013 continues this way it will be a giggle a minute.

   But wait, Great inspiration from some of our column readers:

   We have some results in. First from Marcia in Texas: “I am reporting in….this has been fun and the motivation I needed to continue going. I started on May 16th to lose weight. I was walking every day on the treadmill. Most days I have between 1200 and 1600 total calories to use. To date I have lost 48 pounds. Since November 1, 2012 I have lost 5.5 pounds and walked a total of 153.988 miles. I will make the final push to lose another ten pounds before I will be happy and with any hope I can knock it all out by May 2013. My goal was 60 pounds and I am almost there. Thank you for your inspiration to keep going. By the way, you might read the book “Younger Next Year”. It has been a great help to me! Take good care and you are right…all things are possible with God!”

   Thanks Marcia. We are keeping your score on our board. We have one more week to hear from readers before we award our prize, a $25 gift card.

   From Grace in Oregon, “I don’t have much to say for losing weight, but I have a word of encouragement. Your word “chagrin” has one thing going for it and that is it ends with a “grin”. They say if you smile anything works better, so go with chagrin! I have tried for so long to lose weight and I’m not able to join the battle. I just tore the meniscus in my knee so can barely walk let alone exercise. Oh, well, I’ll “grin” and bear it!”

   Alice from Gem Lake, MN: “I lost 35 pounds since last November just by watching my calories. 20 of it since April, went from size 12 jeans to 8’s. Been using the free website: to log my calories for every meal. It keeps me on track. Also, I have done it without an exercise program because I had ankle surgery in June that kept me from doing the treadmill all summer. Don’t get discouraged, just truck on!”
   From Washington Norman and LaVerna wrote: “Suddenly I recalled a song we used to sing, called “We Will All Work Together” so agreed we should send it to you. LaVerna will be on her incumbent bike and I will be on my NordicTrack. HAPPY NEW LOOSING YEAR!”

   Julie in Livingston was like me. She wrote “I didn’t do well either. Got off sugar for a few days, got a bad cold, Lyn got a bad cold and that was the end of that. I walk quite a bit and ride my indoor exercise bike, but food, that’s another story. Now I’m motivated to “get healthy” in 2013 with a new healthier eating plan (not diet), and buying a new Elliptical trainer to replace my old exercise bike that is about to fall apart. I’ll be with you in 2013.” Julie, we can do this!

   And Maureen in Michigan checked in. “I am with you on the ‘walking’ circuit. No treadmill beside the bed but I can relate so well to the procrastination it literally screams at me most of the time. You signed a copy of your “Time to Enjoy the Journey” for me in 2011. I was of course going to get right into the devotional part. I started it on 1/1/13. (Timely for a procrastinator.) It was also my commitment to go back the Fitness center here in town to start the walking program again that had been successful earlier. I was making excuses until I did day 3 devotion, especially the last line. That put me in my workout pants and walking shoes and away I went! I will check in soon.”

   The last line on that day? “We will have more joy if we pay attention to our physical and spiritual health as we journey along.” Yup. I wrote that and I believe it.



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