God speaks to me on my bench…

On February 2, 2013, in Inspiration, by speaker

Here it is February…and I have some time to spend on my favorite bench. Only my bench picture is from this fall. It was too cold today to get my camera out. I snuggled in winter coat, hat and gloves…and spent my quiet time talking to Jesus.

      This is not a place to share all my conversation with my Savior. However I wondered if you ever wonder what I wondered:


      “Dear Lord, I said. “Please keep my thinking clear I ask. I pray for healing in my brain that scurries and rushes and tumbles over the ‘rocks’ in my life just like this river. I need quiet.” 

      “Lord, were I to sit in Your presence…I know You would love me. Maybe shake Your head at all my quandaries? Would You say “Relax, Lois, I’ve got it covered!” And would You say, “Have not I covered all concerning you so far?””

      “And I would have to answer “Yes, Lord, many, many, many times over.” Would you pat my head? Hold my hand? What would You say to me, Lois, today?”

 the bench      And as I sat on my bench my mind went over some of the conversations He had with others. He said “Peter, do you love me? Feed my sheep.” And He said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset many things, but only one thing is needed…”

      Excuse me now, following this topic needs my full attention for the rest of my time on my bench.

      God Bless You,




How I Came To Believe

I am at an age in my life where it is hard for me to remember anything. I walk into the kitchen to get something and when I get there, I can’t remember why I came there. ‘Course I don’t want to spend much time in my kitchen anyway because I don’t like to cook.


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