Climb that Mountain!

On August 15, 2014, in Inspiration, by speaker

Mt Baldy   Have you ever been on a hike in the mountains? It is a wonderful experience – if you are in shape!  What a great adventure, especially when conditions are right. Like a clear day when the mountain flowers are in bloom and you can hear the sounds of creeks racing down the mountain.  We could add a breeze, just enough to keep you cool. And let’s make the trail easy, just a gentle climb winding up to the top of the mountain.

   What an adventure! Similar to life it is, a hike up a mountain. Only in life we are not able to set up perfect parameters for our journey. In real life we are on real hikes.

   Like the one our family tried up Mt. Baldy when our boys were 6, 9 and 12. We took their two cousins who were 8 and 10 with us. We got up at 4am, drove 20 miles to the trail head and off we went on our great adventure. Our backpacks held food and water.

   We soon discovered that the trail was not a straight shot directly up the face of the mountain. It was steep with lots of curves, some that seemed to double back where we had already been. And we would hike up, then we would hike down, then we would hike back up. We forded a creek several times that wound along the trail. Of course the kids loved that getting wet part. We discovered that we needed more rest breaks the farther we got.

   At two in the afternoon we could see the top of the peak. It would take 2 or 3 hours to get there. With the bear sign we had seen on the way up, no one wanted to make the trip down in the dark. So we waved to the mountain peak we had almost got to, turned around and headed back down. That was 36 years ago. We still wish we had made it to the top.

   Now I see Mt. Baldy out my office window as I sit here at my desk. It is does not make me sad. It actually encourages me – because it reminds me of life, often like a mountain climb. I Trails can look easy but be tough. It reminds me that even though I know heaven is ahead, there are still winding trails, hills and valleys in between until I get there.

   The good thing I know is that I am not alone. On my life trail, I have asked God to be my Guide and my Strength. What a difference that makes. I do not have to rely on just me.

  The key in our life mountain hikes – is remembering to ask for His help! After we got back from our mountain adventure all those years ago, someone told us there was a different way to get to the top of Mt. Baldy. It was from the other side and a much easier trail. (We still talk about trying it again, now that we know.)

   That is a good lesson for us today. I know many of you are going through some really tough bends in your trail right now and the mountain looks really steep. Keep looking ahead. God is with you. He knows the way. He will get you to the top, even if it is on a trail different from the one you had picked out. Your part is just staying in shape, prayed up and willing to follow where He leads.





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I am at an age in my life where it is hard for me to remember anything. I walk into the kitchen to get something and when I get there, I can’t remember why I came there. ‘Course I don’t want to spend much time in my kitchen anyway because I don’t like to cook.


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