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Some of you that have just joined our Time Out readership may not know that we have had a very busy life lately. A year ago this month we decided to move a mile. We moved from the middle of the hayfield on my folk’s ranch to across the yard from them. It was a decision we made together for this stage of their lives and ours.
Once the decision was made our work began. And it was hard work. We thank God we stayed married! Downsizing is not easy but we were determined. Lovingly we decided we would cut back ‘each to their own’ stuff. Joint stuff took a vote of two to take or toss.
When we moved from Colstrip to the ranch in 2003 we packed 120 plastic storage tubs since all our stuff would be in the barn until our house was done. This move took about that many, but half were for a garage sale and half, stuff to keep.
Lest you think we are materialistic, we try not to be. We had 53 years of living in those boxes – hobbies, winter sports, summer camping, tools, Christmas decorations and tons of books. Good grief, we even had 10 tubs of old tax returns so we could prove every deduction for those 53 years.
Our hayfield house was a regular 3 bedroom plus a large breezeway patio room we loved. Then each us had a room in the back of our garage, mine for sewing, his for car stuff. Next to that was his large shop. Our choice for our new dwelling was a small double-wide. We could build a garage with space for our two rooms (marriage insurance) and later a shop.
So may I say again it was hard work with great satisfaction as we pared down. Then came a flurry of activity when our place sold in 18 days. August and September were full with the garage sale and getting our kept belongings into storage. We found a vacation rental in Clyde Park, ten miles away to live in while we got a foundation built, electricity, a well, septic and all the permits and paper work and the house set.
Everything took time and winter weather slowed work. Yet we enjoyed our hiatus. We moved into our new home on January 29. We are very happy with it. He-Who-Takes-Long-Steps says “It is great, it is not very far to anywhere!” My folks like having us closer and we are finding it a precious time for sharing life these days. Now we are back to July, the garage is built, sidewalks and a porch are finished. Now we are up to our ears in landscaping, moving dirt, and rocks to get a yard.
I wanted to tell you our story for three reasons. First that you might know downsizing can be done and the freedom you feel after it is done is well worth the work, even if it is just a room at a time. We have yet to mourn the loss of the stuff we sold, tossed and gave away.
Secondly we could not have done it without the help of our family, our kids spent tons of hours moving and lifting and putting together things we couldn’t. Our contractors were top-notch and efficient. Friends pitched in and others prayed us through! If you are a helper to someone, God bless you!
And I wanted you to know I feel blessed. Blessed that we made it through this with surgery, illness, traveling and speaking and some trying times in the midst of it all. Blessed that the Bible guided us through with verses of strength. This is groundwork to be able to share with you some of the lessons of blessing God taught us in it all. One for today is feeling blessed that at this age we can still shovel dirt and move rocks!


How I Came To Believe

I am at an age in my life where it is hard for me to remember anything. I walk into the kitchen to get something and when I get there, I can’t remember why I came there. ‘Course I don’t want to spend much time in my kitchen anyway because I don’t like to cook.


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